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 "Sid Kingsley is a modest man. He doesn’t think of himself as any more than simply a journeyman musician. After a few false starts, he came to the realization that making music was all he ever wanted to do, and while he doesn’t trumpet his skill and ability, it’s obvious at the outset that the man is easily one of the most talented artists making his bow in recent memory. He’s content to write and record his songs. But the profound talent at work here is evident upon hearing the opening title track of Good Way Home -- talent that boasts a wellspring of honesty and conviction, fresh and formative with a wisdom and authenticity that’s as old as the ages." - LEE ZIMMERMAN (No Depression, Pop Matters)


"An impeccable release that unwittingly raises the bar for any and all music coming out of Richmond. Soul overflows out of each track, whether from Sid Kingsley’s own bellow (that brings to mind the legendary Levon Helm) or the sharp instrumentation brought together by producer Scott Lane, and it’s a remarkable step-up from most Americana music released these days. All in all, this is one of, if not the, best Americana release to come out of Richmond, as well as one of 2017’s best records overall." (Doug Nunnally, RVA Magazine)

 "Americana at its finest with deep soulful roots, and a voice with such conviction and depth, RVA singer/songwriter Sid Kingsley is the next musician you need to check out."- Amy David (RVA MAgazine)

"Sid Kingsley’s style is all his own, dripping with authenticity. The production quality on this track is amazing. This is serious, radio-ready pop music that’s sure to find a mass appeal. Give me one good reason why a track like this shouldn’t crack the top 40. ONE. GOOD. REASON."- (Ear to the ground music)

"Sid Kingsley has a voice that will stop you in your tracks. And he’s just getting started."- Davy Jones (Richmond navigator)


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